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NLP Trainer Training Module 1 (Birmingham)
From Monday 20 August 2018 -  09:00
To Sunday 26 August 2018 - 17:00
Contact Peter Freeth
NLP Trainer Certification - Module 1 - 20 to 26 August 2018

NLP Trainer Certification - Module 2 - 24 to 30 November 2018

To sign up, once you're happy with the certification requirements, simply email Peter using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Cost for the 2 modules including $300 SNLP license fee and The NLP Trainer Training Manual, The NLP Master Practitioner Manual, The NLP Practitioner Manual and Learning Changes is just £2995.

Reserve your place with a £195 deposit, refundable prior to 30 days before the course start date, transferrable to any other course. The balance is payable 90 days before the course start date.

Choose the course for you:


I guarantee you will learn the inside secrets of training NLP that you will not get from any other trainer today. I'm one of only 6 SNLP certified Master Trainers in the world, and the only one actively training in the UK.

At the end of the course, after passing the assessments, you will be a Society of NLP Associate Trainer. 

You will then go on to complete your full certification criteria before being licensed as a full Trainer, able to certify Practitioners and Master Practitioners.

To fully understand what you're letting yourself in for, you should read the certification criteria here. This is a rigorous process because SNLP certification is highly valuable and sought after, and that's because SNLP trainers maintain the highest standards of assessment. You'll have to work hard for this, and your own future students will be grateful that you did.

Learn how to make your technique demonstrations work first time, every time - no other trainer will show you this because no other trainer can do it!

Discover how Kolb's Experiential Learning Theory is woven through the entire learning experience on multiple levels.

Understand that there are no visual learners, there are only connected learners. The secret to powerful learning is connectedness.

Spacial anchoring? It's nonsense. Stop it. You're distracting the audience and you think you're anchoring states? You're not.

You will learn a powerful set of tools and techniques to achieve results such as:

+ Discover the neurological principles behind learning
+ Design learning experiences that work from multiple angles
+ Create powerful and fun exercises that teach through action
+ Use your modelling skills to teach anything to anyone
+ Craft your own performance personality to enhance your training brand
+ Create compelling learning experiences that have your students coming back for more

If you want to certify your own Practitioners and Master Practitioners then not only is this the best Trainer Training you can attend, it's also the most thorough and is it's SNLP licensed.

I'm also producing a new published book which you will receive as the course manual, to join the NLP Practitioner Manual and NLP Master Practitioner Manual.

This is a real Trainer Training, not a short, basic course with a home-made certificate. This is a certificate that you have to work for, and it's one you'll feel you've earned. Therefore you should read the certification criteria here.

Location Solihull, UK