Peter Freeth is one of only six Society of NLP licensed Master Trainers in the world, and over the past 25+ years he has developed a reputation as an innovative, thorough and insightful developer and trainer of NLP.

I presented a workshop at the 2017 NLP Conference in London on this subject, so here are some notes from the video which you can find here on Facebook, and here on YouTube.

Here are a few resources that you might find interesting. Some are about NLP, some are more general, all are worth a look!

Just in case you've arrived here out of pure curiosity and you don't yet know what NLP is, allow me to explain.

Here's some more in-depth information about the different aspects of NLP that you can learn during Practitioner training.

A while back, I was interviewed by Chris Delaney, and I just came across the text, so I thought I'd share it here, as I find some of my comments on coaching interesting, and I hope you will too.

You'll often see discussions about whether NLP needs to be proven in order for it to be useful. Here's what I think.

Mapping a person's mental processes is one of the fundamental skills you'll learn with NLP. Here's an example of how it's done.

On any NLP Practitioner training I've ever seen, students are taught how to get into rapport. Seriously, it's a total waste of time, and at worst, harmful to a normal working relationship.

I've seen a lot of talk recently about the use of NLP language in advertising and marketing. Here's my view on it.

The Meta Model is the most powerful, and most misunderstood aspect of NLP. What's it all about?

You've heard people say that they want something, and also that they need something. What do these different words mean, and why are they important?

If you've ever been confused when someone says, "This is much better" then here's why.

Here's another Meta Model analysis, this one is of the common phrase 'Time management'.

Here's a Meta Model analysis of the phrase 'limiting belief', showing why you have none...